• Classic cars you can own today

    Rarity and price and two very common things we think about whenever we see a classic car. Forget about the classic cars there weren’t cool in the past because they are not cool today either. You want a car that has an excellent pedigree, but that car costs too much and its maintenance would lead you to bankruptcy.
  • Life of a muscle car owner

    We all have dreams in which we have a flotilla of muscle cars. Some of us do buy a muscle car to fulfill their dream or a part of it. There is nothing wrong in that, and muscle cars are very cool, and they look great. But some things might prevent you from buying a muscle car. The two big things that every future muscle car owner should consider are the cost and the maintenance costs.
  • What to look for in used pickup trucks

    There isn’t a person in the world that doesn’t like pickup trucks. Well, there might be some non-Americans that prefer other types of cars, but nothing beats a pickup truck. The only problem many people face is the price of a brand new truck. This is why many decide to buy a used one and restore it to its previous glory.
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