Classic cars you can own today

Rarity and price and two very common things we think about whenever we see a classic car. Forget about the classic cars that weren’t cool in the past because they are not cool today either. You want a top-notch car but that car costs a lot and its maintenance would lead you to bankruptcy.

Well, the primary reason many people give up on their dream of owning a classic car is their lack of imagination. They limit their view to several prime examples of a classic car type, and those models are expensive. If they only considered some other brands and models, they would find the world full of classic cars they could own and maintain without any problems.

Classic cars don’t have to be expensive

car5No matter what classic car show you look for, you will be astonished by the prices of those rides. A mid-range classic muscle car costs over 100 000 dollars. Rare and expensive cars cost millions of dollars. That is simply too expensive for an average individual. And even if you bought a car worth half a million dollars, would you ride it? You would probably keep it in a garage and drive it around the neighborhood every once in a while.
If you decide to buy a bit younger, the 70s classic car, you won’t have to spend a fortune on it. And the best thing about it is that you will be able to drive it around and commute with it. The parts and repairs on cars like this aren’t as expensive as they are for cars from the 60s.

Some cars you might want to buy

Ford Torino GT is a cool classic car, and there are two models on the market, the 70 and the 71. These models have a better interior than the previous iterations, and they come with a fairly powerful engine (250 hp, 5.8 liter V8 engine). This car has another version known as Mercury Cyclone Spoiler. This one is powered by 360 hp, and it has 7 liter V8 engine. You can find a Torino GT, in average condition, for around 12 thousand dollars. Cyclone GT you can find for a bit over 12 thousand, in average condition as well.
If you don’t have enough money for a Mustang, then you should buy Ford Maverick Grabber. This classic car went on sale in 1971, and Ford produced it for four years. It doesn’t have the power that other older muscle cars had, but it still will be enough to feel the power of muscle car. Be wary on the market as the strength of this cars’ engine goes from 210 to 129, depending on the year of production. The price of this car ranges from six to ten thousand.

As you can see, there are many classic cars that are good looking and affordable. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a car that will stay in your garage because you are afraid to drive due to possible damages or scratches.  You can buy one of these and use it for everyday commuting, as well as for long-distance rides. You will ride an outstanding car that looks cool while you are doing your everyday tasks or job.